Mlucas: Descriptions of previous code releases:

18 Sep 2014: Special thanks to Mike Vang for doing significant amounts of QA work and making numerous feature-related suggestions for this version. This release features mostly modest changes:
23 Jun 2014: Special thanks to Stephen Searle for doing significant amounts of analysis and debug of the code in this version. This release features the following major enhancements and changes:
02 Oct 2013 (Patched rev1 posted 09 May 2014): This features the following major enhancements and changes:
04 Feb 2013:
06 Nov 2009: Well, it took a full year longer than I had hoped, but a tarball of the Mlucas v3.0 beta code described in the entry below is finally available. This has SSE2 inline assembly support for 32-bit Windows and 32/64-bit Linux, but no PrimeNet support (yet) ... the latter will come later this year, if things go reasonably according to plan. A GUI will have to wait for at least another year. But the code is sufficiently ready for early adopters to run on their x86 machines (Win32, 32 and 64-bit Linux and MacOS ... code is most-optimized for the latter) and for builders, profilers and assembler experts to have a look and send me feedback and suggestions for improvement.
15 Sep 2008: Mlucas 3.0 used to verify 45th and 46th known Mersenne primes. Note that the verify runs by Tom Duell and Rob Giltrap of Sun Microsystems used a pre-beta version of Mlucas 3.0, scheduled for official release later this Fall. Key new features of the upcoming release [besides a radically overhauled header-file structure and many other code cleanups and bugfixes] include:

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