Coming Soon! Hog 25, the Silver Swine. We hope to have a report on the nefarious Swine and its goings on, complete with lots and lots of pictures.

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Wow.  I wrote the above nearly a year ago.  I never did get anything done about it.  Well shoot me.  Fire me.  Sue me for everything I got paid to do this.  Wait, noone pays me to do this.  Well, then, yer getting just whatcha paid for!  I -did- get a few pictures scanned in tho.  Lets see what I can find lying around here...  ah, here's a couple I scanned a while back.  Now my scanner's drivers are broken again.  Grrrrrr.  Next time I buy a HP instead of a elcheapo.

The Boss Hog hisse'f....

BossHog.jpg (50875 bytes)

The Hog Radio Crew (from Spring 1997)

Hog-Crew.jpg (93715 bytes)

Here are the infamous 'bungiheads', basically a loose group of internet heads who spend WAY too much time reading and writing email on the mail list.  Notice we are all wearing the same T-shirt.   Thats a really really long story, but the short version is... "THANK YOU, JOHN JOHNSON AND DALE BARCELLOS FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN!".

bungiheads.jpg (209371 bytes)

Oh.  All photos by Me.  Except for the one I'm in which was taken by my camera and arranged by me but someone else had to actually push the button.   I didn't catch his name, he was just a bystander. An innocent bystander.

All wrongs denied, no lefts to be released.

Remember, keep yer radio tuned to the Strawberry Hog, at 88.1 on yer FM dial.   And bring LOTS of batteries.  and LOTS of tapes.