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Here is a not-so-recent picture of my family. (left-to-right thats Me, Sarah [2], Ruth & Ian [6]).
Here, here, here, and here are some more old snaps of us. 


Pictures from mid 2008 forward are on Smugmug now...

Pictures from 2008... Pictures from 2007... Pictures from 2006...

Pictures from 2005, many taken by a new Canon S70 or my Canon 350D photo album

Pictures from 2005, taken by my kids with a Canon A510 photo album

My Canon PowerShot S300 "Digital Elph" photo album mostly, this is pictures up to 2004.
We lost our CoolPix 950 camera , but the old digital photo album is still here (August 1999 to June 2001)

One of my favorite pastimes is listening to live music by talented musicians... One of the best places to do that is at the Strawberry Music Festival, held each Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends at Camp Mather near Yosemite National Forest.

A musician I greatly admired once wrote this interesting piece about the sad state of American's mental health.

Long, long ago and far, far away, I thought Windows95 was pretty cool stuff.  Here's some snapshots I took when I was invited to the main event in Redmond of LAUNCH '95.

Here's a disorganized collection of files. There's some assorted bitmaps there, including a aerial(space) view of where I live (see the little yellow squiggle?), maybe even a few recipes.

Here are a bunch of pictures of folks and whatever from about 15 years ago when I worked at Digital Research. (Can YOU say CP/M? There, I knew ya could!)

Some of my favorite stale links...

Three judge panel in Philadelphia votes 3-0 that the CDA is not Constitutional.

In the findings, District Judge DALZELL summarized:

		True it is that many find some of the speech on the
	Internet to be offensive, and amid the din of cyberspace many
	hear discordant voices that they regard as indecent.  The absence
	of governmental regulation of Internet content has unquestionably
	produced a kind of chaos, but as one of plaintiffs' experts put
	it with such resonance at the hearing:

			What achieved success was the very
			chaos that the Internet is.  The
			strength of the Internet is that

	Just as the strength of the Internet is chaos, so the strength of
	our liberty depends upon the chaos and cacophony of the
	unfettered speech the First Amendment protects.

		For these reasons, I without hesitation hold that the
	CDA is unconstitutional on its face.